"Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry."

— Bill Drayton

The YES Movement

In a time where entrepreneurship is the new trend, the YES Movement strives to drive this spirit of entrepreneurship towards change.

Encouraging social entrepreneurship and aiming to create a platform that makes them more accessible to us, the YES Movement continues to partner with NGOs, Social Startups, and other Startups by students and brings them together to allow anyone to contribute to their cause.

Through volunteering, donations, and campaigns, among other things, our partners listed below allow everyone to contribute to society in some way.

Additionally, the YES Movement aims at digitizing NGOs and social startups that are unable to access technology to reach a wider audience. Aiming to work with such organizations, we intend to make potential partners achieve a larger reach.

Only one 'YES' from your side can make all the difference.


Volunteer, donate, and have a look at the various Startups, Social Startups, NGOs, and Non-profits we have partnered with.



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The Pawsitivity Project

Ekta Sahara


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Imagine if you couldn’t speak up for yourself? Imagine getting beaten up and suffering for hunger every step of the way? We believe that each creature should have their own significance on Earth and so our aim at The Pawsitivity Project is to ensure the safety and well-being of homeless, abandoned and street dogs (as well as other animals). Our focus would be to get as many dogs and puppies adopted as well as raise funds get a supply of food and water for them. We do understand that some people are afraid and/or not fond of dogs however, we do not believe that it is okay to mistreat them. We’re also majorly focusing on raising awareness through social media. The Pawsitivity Project also provides a 100% free pet consultancy service.

InvenTree - From giving you a platform to add and view existing trees, empty planting sites, and related issues around you on a map to guiding you through every step of planting and organising drives – our app is the one stop for everything trees. Help us revolutionise the existence of the trees around us.

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Pukaar is an NGO, started by 5 high schoolers to tackle disability issues and bring a positive change around us by conducting drives, doing volunteer work, and raising awareness about disability. Pukaar's main motive is to eradicate the taboo regarding disability and to change the perspective of the society and how they perceive disability

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AlterEco is a sustainable multivendor marketplace designed specifically to ensure that you can use your purchasing power to do good by supporting brands that are eco-friendly and that make the world a better place! Housing a curated range of accessories, apparel, and home decor, AlterEco aims to promote conscious consumerism. 

AlterEco chooses craftsmanship and uniqueness over mass production and uniformity.As the youth, you all should care more about the environment and help in actively preserving it by carefully selecting brands that are against toxic manufacturing practises.

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The last few months have been tough on all of us, but particularly on low-income workers who due to job losses and no source of income have been further pushed into poverty. Sahayaam is an attempt to restore their livelihoods by giving them viable employment opportunities. If this idea resonates with you and you would like to volunteer to make a change, you can use the volunteer button to sign up-

Stray animals are homeless and hungry. 
They wander around in search of food and shelter, no matter what weather. 
Take a moment and imagine yourself being homeless. What would be your only hope? you would hope for a beautiful soul to come and help you. 
we, an organization - "ANYTHING IS PAWSIBBLE" is a community filled with such beautiful souls, who are affectionate towards those hapless canines. 
Our only motto is to feed those in need, and we aim to feed each and every animal on the street. 
It's a heart-touching quote by Charlie Chaplin. I'm sure it went straight through your heart as well. 
We the people of the community, and the outsiders, should promise ourselves to always feed a soul when we see one, to always provide them with some water, in plastic containers or earthen pots.
We eat chapatis made from wheat flour every day, if we ask our parents to cook 2 extra, would not harm us in any way, instead we'll be able to feed


Project Sahayaam

Anything is Pawssible