The founder of YES, Aryan is a published author, social entrepreneur, and the founder of several student-run organisations and clubs. In addition to being a huge finance and entrepreneurship enthusiast, Aryan is passionate about soccer and coding. Through YES, he strives to make a difference through entrepreneurship, which he believes is the most effective way to a better society.


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Nirvair Narang is an IBDP student studying at Neerja Modi School. An avid gamer, he spends his free time playing Minecraft and Call of Duty. Nirvair is an adept writer and has a keen interest in tennis. He has participated in various MUNs and has also co-founded an entrepreneurship club at his school. He sees himself working at Wall Street within the next ten years.


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Dev Sajnani

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A man of few words, Dev is an avid website and app developer who is always ready to discuss serious work on the table.Ranging from engineering to astronomy to quantum mechanics , he is a complete physics and mathematics maniac who spends most of his time reading about challenges the scientific sphere has faced till now, and might face in the future, all while being determined to change the world as we see it now through the power of science and technology.

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Saivedant Ahluwalia

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Sai is an extreme car enthusiast, which has led him to start his own car page- SuperCar Rodeo. Skilled with technology and social media, Sai brings humour, knowledge, and creativity to YES.

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Aditya Dogra

Aditya is an enthusiastic academic passionate about science, technology and gaming. He loves to spend an afternoon reading all about the strides of humanity in the fields of outer space and astronomy or sitting on the couch and playing a video game with his friends.

Partnership Head

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Tech Head

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Vardhman Lunia

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Vardhman is a naturally curious person and loves to explore obscure, engrossing facts and stories from around the world and is, therefore, one of the few people to know that ‘Iceland imports ice’! One of his favourite pastimes is to watch business or political documentaries, which he claims is the secret to his considerable General Knowledge. He also authors his own world affairs blog, rethinknoww.blogspot.com, which has readers from 5 different countries. In addition to this he is also an experienced debator, MUNer and an ace badminton player.

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Vedang Jain

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A die-hard number 10 fan, Vedang, an entrepreneurship and tech enthusiast, is adept in multiple games including Fifa and Fortnite. Not only a math geek Vedang has a lot of passion for coding. He thrives with a team and hopes to work collaboratively with the team at YES.


Pakin Pongpaiboon

Pakin is a Thai student who has spent a little less than half of his life in the diverse land of India(more specifically in the town of Jaipur). He has learnt to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and in the process has discovered his love for sports, arts and movies. He seeks to bring forth a sense of creativity, tenacity, and grit to the team.

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An entrepreneurship, finance, and coding enthusiast, Aryan has a special love and experience in the stock market and brings a sense of humour to every team.

A person who delivers best with a team, Aryan seeks to express his passion for entrepreneurship through YES. 

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Outreach Head

Design Head

Extremely passionate about creating writing, art and entrepreneurship, Prisha is  the founder of the entrepreneurial club and the editor of her school’s newspaper. She loves to challenge pre existing stereotypes and beliefs and spends her free time playing the piano-something she’s quite adept at.

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Prisha Poddar


Aryan Chordia

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